According to the 14years old girl, it was about 1.45
am when she and her two sisters who were sleeping in the same room were joited
by a noise from inside the building. Before they know what was happening, they
saw a middle aged man standing right in front of them inside their room,
holding a short gun and an iron bar. She went further to say that as soon as
the  man entered into the room, he began
to demand for money. The sum of N3,000.00 which was the only money that was
left in their procession, including another N150.00 was collected by the man.
Not satisfied, the man allegedly began to ask them a series of questions; after
which he dragged the 14 years old girl out of the room, locking the other 2
girls inside. She said that as soon as the 
were outside the room, the man began to ask about her parents upon which
she told him that her father lives in Lagos, while her mother had gone for a
night work. She stated that the man allegedly told her to follow him to the
next upstair building, so that she would tell the occupants of the rooms that
her sisters were sick and needed urgent attention downstairs. However, when the
girl told the man that she did know the different rooms in the building, she
was taken to another building nearby where she also explained to the man that
she did not  the way to the rooms in that
building.  Infuriated by the inability of
the girl to take orders from him, the girl said that she was hit at the head by
the unknown gun man. She said that the man also took her to another house where
she was told that the owner of the house just received some money from his son
overseas. But when she also refused to yield, she was forced to follow him to
an open field near the area where the man attempted to rape her. Still not
yielding, the girl went further to say that the man then took her to an
uncompleted building along Festus
Agholor Street where he hit her with the iron rod
and also attempted to rape her. She was forced to follow him to yet another
place along Iregwa Street,
all the while, threatening to kill her, if she did not sleep with him. Luck
however came to the girl, when she picked a big stone from the ground where he
was trying to force her and hit him on the head, making her to free herself
from him and ran into the street half naked. The girl added that as she ran
into Iregwa Street,
shouting for help, people who heard her voice took  to their heels, running into their houses and
closing their doors immediately. It was when she saw 2 men inside a car and
explained to them what happened that they came to her rescue   In an interview with the mother of the girl
hours after the incidence, Mrs. Tessy Agholor gave glory to God, saying that
she was the only one that has been taking care of the children and that she
works in a bakery somewhere within the town. She thanked all those who
participated in ensuring that her daughter was brought home alive. She was
however advised never to leave the children alone in the house.

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