politically motivated killings assuming a frightening dimension
across the nation, as part of an unhealthy prelude to the 2011
general elections, there is the fear that next year’s election may
not be completely free of the usual intimidation and massive rigging
that have caracterized previous exercise in the past.

the above scenario in mind, it was therefore not surprising when an
Ika born aspirant in the forth coming polls raised an alarm that his
life was in danger, following his declaration to contest the House of
Assembly seat for Ika North east constituency, recently.

aspirant, Mr. Christian Okpambor, who is also known as Okpams
Georgia, had in a telephone chat with Ika
on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 alleged that his life was in danger.
According to him “I have continued to receive assassination threat
calls, since I publicly made my intention known, at a gathering that
was massively attended by my supporters and party faithfuls in Ika
North east.”

him, “since my declaration to run for the House of Assembly seat,
to represent Ika North east constituency in the Delta State House of
Assembly, the political monsters, who believe they are larger than
life in the LGA, realizing that the good people of Ika North east are
no longer ready to be fooled anymore, started plotting to destabilize
my group (Okpams Vanguard). They started by making overtures and
extending monetary gratification to some of my supporters, to lure
them away from the change we are championing. I am however, not
bothered with such things as I have absolute confidence on the people
I am working with”

he said, “when I wanted to declare, they instructed that the open
field in Marymount College, which we had concluded negotiations on,
should not be made available to us. We were disappointed when we got
there and discovered that the gates were under lock and keys. We were
informed that the government had instructed that public schools
should no longer be used for political rallies, so we had to move to
another venue, and went ahead with the declaration, which was
massively attended, even with the heavy rain on that day. Seeing the
huge success recorded that day, these political incumbus paniced and
started working to undermine the change we are championing, which
they know they cannot stop. Our people cannot continued to be fooled,
because they have embraced the change, which is coming like a moving
train in a sustained motion. I want them to know that as far as Ika
North east politics is concerned, they cannot move forward without
Okpambor. I have the best interest of our people. Gone are the days
when people are easily forgiven, after deceiving and ruining other
people’s lives. Look at the poor state of infrastructure,
particularly the old Lagos/Asaba road, nobody is doing anything about

further, Mr. Okpambor noted that “anyone trying to derail my
political career or threaten my life is wasting his or her time. When
the chips are down, we will know who is who in Ika N.E. Whatever they
do will not discourage me in my struggle. Inspite of what they did to
stop us from moving forward, more than 20,000 people still showed up
to support and affirm their loyalty on that rainy Sunday. Gone are
the days of politics of rice, salt, biscuits and meager money shared
among the people. Our people are now interested in result. We want
action not deception or apology for failure.”

want the authority” he continued, “to know that inspite of my
life being on the line, I remain resolute to the collective cause of
the people of Ika North east, that the people of the LGA are not
willing to allow this cabal to come back. Change is what I am
fighting for. My heart and my soul is with the people of Ika N/E. I
know they will not let me down because they desire change. Nobody
should bother about finance. Okpams Vanguard is being bankrolled by
Okpambor alone. Nobody can take it over. Anyone trying to single out
some persons to influence them is wasting time. I am out for the
contest. Nobody can run me out because I am not collecting money from
anybody. It is my money I am spending. Anyone singling some members
of Okpam Vanguard to empower them, so as to derail the cause will not
succeed, because the struggle for change is the motivating interest.”

Okpambor therefore call on his teeming supporters to remain focus and
resolute as according to him “we have to fight to set ourselves
free from political slavery.”

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