DR OKOBAH DECLARES FOR HOUSE OF REPSENTATIVES -Promises Collective, Quality and Selfless Representation

As the jostle for elective positions in the forthcoming general elections gather momentum, Dr Mrs. Isioma Okobah, on Thursday 9th September, 2010, at the Ika North East Local Government, PDP Secretariat officially declared her intension to represent Ika Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives, Abuja.

During the declaration, the C.E.O Delta Doctors in Diaspora, reiterated her promise of collective, quality and selfless representation to the people of Ika nation if voted into office come 2011. She added that as a member of the Lower Chamber, the growth and development of Ika nation will be her number one priority, noting that, during her interactions with Ikas especially those in the rural area, she was able to identify three key areas they needed attentions and which eventually have formed part of her three point agenda. Explaining her three point agenda to be: first, provision of affordable, accessible and qualitative health care, second, provision of qualitative education and thirdly youths, women and farmer empowerment as well as giving support to pensioners, Dr Mrs Isioma Okobah pleaded with all Ika sons and daughter anywhere in the world to rally round and support her aspiration to represent them in the Federal House of Representatives.

In her words: I will make sure all Ika citizens enjoy free and qualitative health care. I will also look at bringing Federal presence to Ikaland by taking it as a challenge to help upgrade the Agbor Central Hospital to a level that it would be able to compete favourably with others in the country.

My second point agent will focus on qualitative education in Ika land which I enjoyed from my parents. I intend giving it back to my people. I will ensure that College of Education Agbor is upgraded to a federal institution. It is achievable. "In my third point agenda, I will focus on youths and women empowerment. My office will make sure that youths in Ika land are fully empowered. Those in vocational and entrepreneurial fields will have access to loans and micro-finance credit. Women will also be empowered by me, through micro-credit financing. Even pensioners and farmer will be supported. Fertilizers will be available for farmers, and this will help increase production and thereby boost the economy".

Responding on behalf of the Ika North East P.D.P executives, Chief. Mrs Mary Agbogwe, informed the House of Representative aspirant, Dr Okobah that the people of Ika North East are solidly behind her aspiration and are praying that God will help her to achieve her dream of represenenting Ika people at National Assembly.

Meanwhile Dr. Mrs Isioma Okobah in a brief interview with newsmen shortly after her declaration enjoined all Ika indigenes to come out en masse and register in the on coming INEC registration exercise, so that they will be able to use their mandates as electorate well in the polls. She also stated that, the principle of one man one vote should be supported, so as to ensure credible election come 2011. "Do not exempt yourselves in the fourth coming INEC registration exercise. Come out en masse and register. It is only when you register that you will have the power to vote for whomever you want to, and also let us embraced the principle of one man one vote, so that we can be able to elect credible and good candidates, that will bring development to our land" she stated.

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