Life Must Go On

Dear Teresa


Why are girls so wicked? Why do they treat men so callously? My girlfriend that I loved with all my heart always told me she loved me too. But about three months ago she got married to another man while we were still relating. She cleverly hid the other man from me, and never even told me she was going to wed. Can anything be more wicked? And when I found the courage to confront her friend, she said my ex-girlfriend was caught in the middle of a deadly game by a pregnancy she felt belonged to her present husband. Ever since my heartbreak, I have been devastated and low. But now, my parents are asking me to get on with life, to get on with my life, to get attached to another girl. Is this possible? How can I do it?


Johnson Onyemah

Abraka Road

Boji-Boji Owa.




Dear Johnson


Life is beautiful and with a woman that you love by your side, it is even more beautiful. I know you have just had a very bitter experience which is why what your parents are telling is not sweet music. But do not use this one bad experience to conclude that all girls are bad. No, they are not all bad. There are many good one around. Give them a chance and you will be happy again.    


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