The unbalanced political arrangement that tends to favour one partcular clan out of eight other communities in Ika North East Local Government Area has been described as very unfair and unjust.


The position was held by Sir Bar Joseph Ojobu in a chat with Ika Weekly on Wednesday in office at Boj-Boji Owa.


Sir Ojobu argued that it is politically and ethically unjust and improper for all positions to be appropriated by just one clan because they feel, rightly or wrongly, that they are closer to government.


He observed that what is happening in Ika North East Local Government Area is against section 14 of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which made provision for Federal Character in the distribution of social amenities and appointments, at the national, state and local levels.


Sir Ojobu, who was one time Chairman of Ika North East Local Government Council, noted that equity demands that all sections of the local government should be recognized in terms of distribution of amenities and appointments.


He stated that now that almost all the juicy positions had been given to Ika North equity and good judgment demand that other elective positions at the local government be conceded to other clans in Ika East to foster peace and the spirit of belonging.


Sir Ojobu decried the unhealthy situation where an individual because of his perceived political clout wants always to impose his will on everybody by always wanting to decide who gets what, even to the extent of councillorship positions in the wards, in the local government, noting that it is not justifiable.


He therefore advised those who are fortunate to find themselves in prominent political positions not to abuse them and cause disaffection amongst the people by their antics.


When asked if the prevailing situation was not as a result of faction, Sir Ojobu disagreed completely that faction only existed before the general elections when people were vying for different positions, but that immediately a candidate emerged all party faithfuls closed ranks to deliver the party                 


He said that immediately Uduaghan emerged as PDP Candidate he Barr Ojobu joined in the campaigns and made sure he delivered the party in his ward.


Sir Ojobu advised politicians not to see party as belonging to them or seeing their privileged positions as opportunity to intimidate other people, but to see them as call to service.


He stated that the people of Ika East have complained and are waiting for the issue to be redressed fast, saying that if it is not resolved, then they would know the next line of action to adopt.

He said however that they believed in dialogue, and hoped those concerned will listen to their cry.

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