The time for the local council polls is inexorably drawing close with each passing day.


Activities leading to the conduct of the election in Delta State is gathering momentum; as aspirants as well as their supporters are strategizing to make sure they come out successful at the December polls.


As we are all clearly aware, the Local Government administrations in the State was, until recently, under the control of Directors of Personnel Management of the various councils Elected officials were removed since last year.


The Uduaghan administration has done well by putting in a place Transition Committees to stand in the gap, pending when the conduct and subsequent inauguration of substantive executive chairmen and councilors, take place, hopefully early next year.


If feelers coming from the different political parties and the government is anything to go by, I think there is hope and assurance that the people of Delta State, particularly the people of Ika land are in for a better deal.


This writer has always held the very strong opinion that leadership at the local level should be given more attention that it rightly  deserved. I have always believed that if the grassroot administration is properly constituted and managed, the local populace would not have to bother with what is happening both at the State and National levels.


It necessary to emphasis here that the major constraint to grassroot development is poor and weak leadership. That level of government has always been burdened with people whose idea of leadership is to empty council treasury.


The people have watched helplessly, while those they voted into political positions to represent and further their collective interest have unabashedly abandoned them and what was required of them, to engage in massive misappropriation and embezzlement of council finds.


It has even gotten to the point where, after performing below the peoples expectation, these ex-council boss will assume the role of political gladiators and party leaders.


That is why it is important for the electorates to engage their thinking faculty, so as not to be deceived again by smooth and sweet talking political office seekers, especially the position of the chairmanship, which forms the arrow-head of council administration.


Here is a clarion call to the people of Ika South to wake up from decades of ducility and naivity to the challenge of enthroning the right kind of leadership that will enhance the social environment of the area.


I believe that the time is ripe for the Local Government Area to be part of development that is going in on other parts of Delta State. Like other persons desirous of progress, I am urging the people to reject all forms of coercive manipulations and deceptive gifts that will not add any thing positive to their lives.


To me Ika South has had enough of socio-economic and political deprivation. I call on all to rise up to the task of putting in place, responsible, matured, experienced, tested, prudent, honest and accountable leadership that will not appropriate the council money to itself that way we all be happy for making the right choice. A choice, I am thoroughly convinced, that will help deeper democracy and engender the much desired progress and development, that the area has been denied of in the past.  


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