Soldier shot while arresting a suspect

OBIOLIHE, Agbor ( –  A soldier attached to the Anti crime police unit was shot by a policeman in the unit during an attempt to arrest a suspect at Obiolihe village, Imeobi, Agbor.


According to witnesses, the Anti crime unit came to Obiolihe village (Imeobi) on Friday 4th January 2008 to arrest one Monday Akpolo for alleged involvement in criminal activities. When the suspect was being arrested a crowd of Obiolihe youths tried to prevent the police from carrying out the arrest. To disperse the crowd a policeman in the unit fired into the air but there was an accidental discharge and the soldier attached to the unit was hit by a bullet instead.


As at press time, the soldier is in intensive care at the General hospital at Agbor while the Mr. Monday Akpolo is in police custody.

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