at the thanksgiving and first mass/service ceremony held at Sacred Heart
Catholic Church, Umunede, the father of the newly ordained priest, Chief/Sir
Simon Nwaokenye thanked God Almighty for keeping them alive to witness their
son?s ordination. He noted that, it was a remarkable day in the catholic family
and in the life?s of every member of his families.


Nwaokenye disclosed that the idea of his son, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Nwaokenye
becoming a Catholic Priest started when he suddenly veered from Science classes
to Art and Social Science class saying that he wanted to be Catholic Priest
noting that ?it was what the Lord has destined him to be?.  Chief Nwaokenye noted that himself and his
entire family had no objection than to offer prayers for him. He said that he
thank the Lord because the idea of yesterday has become a reality today.


Monica Nwaokenye, the mother to the newly ordained priest said that if it were
possible to calculate the joy in her heart, she believes that, it well be
overestimated. She said that she has no option than to thank God, who is the
reason for everything and prayed God to strengthen her son more, now that he
has been fully ordained as one of His servants.


Nwaokenye thanked those who has contributed either financially or through
prayers towards her son?s ordination and prayed God to grant them their hearts


newly ordained Priest, Rev. Nwaokenye thanked God for making his dream come
true for His fulfillment upon his life and prayed God to give him the strength
to work in his vineyard.


said that he is greatful to everybody that has contributed to the success of
his ordination, most especially Msgr. Dennis Arimokwu, Rev. Fr. Leonard
Owugboun, Rev. Fr. Clement Emerue, Rev. Fr. Okwuagwu, Rev. Fr. Joseph Awoyale,
all members of Sacred Heart Catholic Church and prayed God Almighty to grant
his parents, Chief/Sir and Lady Simon Nwaokenye long life and prosperity.

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