An Ika indigene, Miss. Orie Rosemary Eborka lost her right arm in a fire accident, at the age of 4 months, 24 years ago.


She underwent four major surgical operations to correct her twisted neck and as this was going on, she lost both parents.


Through the help of some medical doctors and clergy persons, Orie went through primary and secondary schools and today she is in the university for a degree programme.


She needs money to procure artificial arm and to pay her school fees.


Ika Weekly has already set up a committee to ensure that enough money was raised to assist her.


Since our first publication about the plight of the fire accident victim, philanthropic individuals have started donating money and the sum of

N57, 000 has so far been realized.


We therefore use this medium to passionately appeal to all the public-spirited individuals to donate generously to the fund.


Orie has no parents to cry to, but to you, members of the public.


Channel your donations to Ika Weekly, No. 108, Old Lagos/Asaba Road, P.O. Box 1379. Agbor E-mail: or call Steve on 08033417578


All donations received will be published and all gifts must be accounted for.




Ika Weekly. 

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